Let’s be sure self-care is part of our inclusion!

Published on Saturday, September 9th, 2017

In many past post, balance has been a recurrent topic. Finding balance in our physical bodies as well in our lives in general, turns out to be a continuous challenge. Including self-care in our daily life requires planning, balance, and the attitude of importance. It is true that we cannot fully love and care for others, if we don’t fully love and care for ourselves. I see a yoga practice as an expression of self care that has a lot of other positive benefits. It’s the good time we give to ourselves. As with any changes we make in our routine, developing a daily practice, requires intention. Remember, doing a physical yoga practice is only one of the ways to practice yoga. You can get some ideas of ways to do this from a post from 2011/03/23 called The Limbs of yoga.Click on the link within the post to understand the 8 Limbs of a yoga practice..

Once a quarter, we visit yoga for back care. That will be our theme for this week.

Monday nite 6:30-8pm

Thursday evening 5-6:15pm

Remember we have some changes coming up in our classes. Starting 9/25, class will be lead by Tennille. Thursday nite will be on hiatus after the 9/21 class until 11/30. Be sure you pick up a paper copy of the schedule at practice.

September invitation: Inclusion

Published on Saturday, September 2nd, 2017

It seems that this month’s topic is very timely. Our world is going thru a time where our diversity has increased our divisiveness. Our country is polarized for many reasons. Hurricane Harvey actually acted as a catalyst to promote unity of cause: helping Texas. Even in yoga, the topic of inclusion is at the forefront and has been for a couple of years. People of color, people with weight challenges, people who don’t have the “right clothes or equipment” to do yoga, people of a “certain age”, seem to melt into the background of the practice of yoga. Perhaps yoga is a microcosm reflecting the larger world? The wisdom of the Little Prince rings in my head,

“Men have forgotten this truth”, said the fox.” But you must not forget
You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.You are responsible
for your rose…”.
“I am responsible for my rose,” the little prince repeated, so that he would
be sure to remember. “

In our yoga community, we have tamed each other by practicing together. Let’s remain an open community, who invites all that seek to meditate, breath and move to join us.

This week in Yoga: It’s Yin Week!

Monday Nite 6:30-8pm Come experience the delight of Yin: slow, easy and inward. The pace matches our current hot weather. Yes, it is a holiday, but some of you will still want to practice!

Thursday Evening 5-6:15pm Yin again!Some of us just can’t get enough!

A reminder that a temporary change is a’comin’. Note that beginning 9/25 we slim down to Monday Nite Yoga only for several weeks. Practice will be lead by Tennille or our UU minister Tim Kutzmark(a Kundalini Yoga teacher). This will be an exciting time of learning and expanding your practice.Don’t miss it!

Paper copies of practice schedule available at practices!

As August ends…

Published on Saturday, August 26th, 2017

One of my lifetime favorite books is The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery. I still have my first copy. The Little Prince teaches us alot about living, loving, tragedy and hope. How to say, “Yes”.Pema Chodron, a buddhist nun and dharma teacher, offers her thoughts about what the Little Prince teaches. She suggests we face our fears and challenges head on to give them less power over us.

We have some changes coming up as the Fall approaches. Our yoga schedule will change beginning 9/25. Monday nite yoga will continue each week from 6:30-8pm. One of our devoted and willing yogi’s (deep bow)will lead the class each week during my time away. Thursday Evening class will be on hiatus until 11/30, when it will resume. You can check the UU Church calendar for assistance on which classes are on the schedule. Go to the website www.uufresno.org. At the top of the page click on Activities and open Church Calendar. Look for entries referring to Sarayu Yoga. I also have paper copies available at our practices, so be sure to get one.

This week in yoga:

Monday Nite 6:30-8pm Honoring our heat wave (last one?), a gentle stretching practice with a yoga nidra.

Thursday Evening 5-6:15pm Again, a gentle practice with a yoga nidra.

Hope to see you there!

Staying positive!

Published on Friday, August 18th, 2017

For me, each week this year has had its own unique challenges. It feels like an emotional rollercoaster, from outrage, to sadness, to disbelief and concern. All this emotional exertion is taking a toll on the resilience I have been working on, chipping away at the edges. I continue to stay on the path of noticing how I am feeling, seeking out extra self-care when needed and disconnecting from my devices. It really has been hard to stay calm and say yes.

The unique challenges of this year have been an growth opportunity for me. There is little time between events, leading to both exhaustion and frustration. Yoga, particularly Yoga Nidra (during the hot weather) has been an important part of my self-care regime. I hope it has been that way for you.

This week in Yoga:

Monday nite 8/21 6:30-8pm. I hope to bring back a few new ideas from a class I will be attending in Santa Barbara this weekend.

Thursday evening 8/24 5-6:15 Let’s have a longer savasana to cap off our week.

Saturday 8/26 at Noon, join me at the Fulton Yoga Collective for an hour of Ananda Yoga. Look for info at Yoga Fest 2017!

Moving into Yes

Published on Saturday, August 12th, 2017

How we move in our bodies, transmits our attitude. How we walk, our posture, our physical openness, speaks to the world about us. Many times, we do the same things with our bodies each day: drive, sit, exercise. Our bodies develop a way or pattern of movement. Yoga helps us develop new ways to move our bodies which can change our mood, our subtle communication to the world. When we spend time to focus on our posture, opening our usually closed over chest, finding our balance, we change the message our body is broadcasting.

In yoga this week:

Monday nite 6:30-8pm We’ll learn a little about the fascia that covers our body, contributing to our movement. We’ll begin with a walking meditation.

Thursday nite 5-6:15pm Let’s continue the exploration of our fascia with a yin and yang practice.

On August 26 at noon, I will lead an Ananda Practice at the 2017 Yoga Fest at the Fulton Yoga Collective(www.fultonyogacollective.com). This is an all day (10am-11pm)event that focuses on a variety of yoga practice, kirtan (yoga music), the yogic lifestyle (including foods and beverages), exposure to Aryuvedic principles and meet like minded yogis. All day ticket (come and go ticket) is $25. If you want to focus on a few individual offerings, they are $15 each session. Hope to see you there!

Willingness: The Practice of Yes

Published on Saturday, August 5th, 2017

I think it is interesting that one of the constant(and first) words in a toddler’s vocabulary is,”No!”. As we mature, does “No” continue to be our go to word? For me, I may not say “No”, but I am likely to be thinking it. Changing our attitude includes changing our thinking, our internal dialogue.At first, this change may only be an intention or a desire to think differently. Remembering each day to set that positive attitude can be much like the learning curve we all go thru of remembering to bring our own grocery bags into the store when we shop. At first, we remember maybe 50% of the time and are dismayed by the 50% of the time we forget. With practice, we slowly remember, until we hit the 90% of the time. Not perfect, but definitely more toward our goal. More positivity goes on in our head.

Yoga provides us with many opportunities to practice willingness. To say “Yes” when we are unsure. From physical movement, to learning to quiet our minds, to trying a breathing technique that seems tough, yoga provides us tools to make the shift from No to Yes.

Come join us this week for our yoga practices!

Monday Nite from 6:30-8pm. Its Yin week! Be ready to relax and stretch.

Thursday Evening from 5:6:15pm More Yin!

All are welcome. Instruction is provided with help as you may need. Let’s say “Yes” together!

Yes! Yoga back to normal schedule this week!

Published on Sunday, July 30th, 2017

I am a bit tardy about this posting for the week of July 31- August 3. I’ve been at a family reunion away from technology for bit. Have no fear! We are back on track this week with Monday and Thursday yoga. Scroll back thru the posts on this site for days and times. I think I’ll keep you in suspense about what we’ll be doing this week, other than to say we will do a Yin practice on Thursday.

Please join us as we begin our last full month of summer! See you Monday nite!

Just a reminder…..

Published on Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

Just a reminder that we are taking a little break here in July to do some exploring! No classes 7/20 and 7/24. See you back on 7/27! Enjoy the time to explore your world!

Strength within

Published on Saturday, July 15th, 2017

“The roots of resilience….are to be found in the sense of being understood by and existing in the mind and heart of a loving, attuned and self-possessed other.” Diana Fosha

Our temperatures this month in the Central Valley may have tested our personal resiliency. So many days with high day time temps and little to no relief at night, can wear many of us down. Sleep is such an essential to good health that prolonged disruption is wearing and harmful. This is a good time to practice Yoga Nidra (yoga sleep) to help refresh our brains and our bodies. There are many guided yoga mudras to be found on the Internet (Google or You Tube, “Yoga Nidra”). What Yoga Nidra does is brings our minds into that state between consciousness and sleep. You may recognize this state as the time between being fully awake and drifting off into sleep. Our bodies and minds relax in Yoga Nidra, but we do not fall asleep. Even so, coming back out from a yoga nidra practice, you may feel like you got a refreshing nap.This may help you with the accumulative sleep deprivation many of us feel in the heat. Even short (10-15 minute) Yoga Nidra practices can be helpful.

This week in yoga, ONLY one practice!

Monday Nite July 17 from 6:30-8pm A gentle Ananda practice finishing with a Yoga Nidra.

We will have a break in our group practices with no classes July 20 and July 24. This might be a good time to check out some Yoga Nidra! Hope to see you Monday Nite!

Developing a personal resiliency plan

Published on Saturday, July 8th, 2017

Psychology says that there are many factors/qualities that help us remain resilient thru challenges: belief in one’s self, viewing bad times as temporary, knowing your boundaries,cultivating self-awareness,willingness to sit in silence, self care habits, a sense of humor, and community. Your tribe.
This is what I feel a regular yoga class with a group develops. I marvel at the before class time when people are checking in and catching up. Knowing that in a few moments, we will share silence, laughter, movement and breath. It doesn’t get any better than this!

This week, we will continue to honor the summer heat by making our practices slow and easy. Perhaps more yoga nidra at the end of class??

Monday nite 6:30-8pm Lots of time and space to breath and stretch

Thursday Evening 5-6:15pm More of the same! If you venture out in the heat to come to class, perhaps you will find coolness within!

We practice at the beautiful UU Church of Fresno. Please join us and bring your water!