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Mystery and Awe

Published on December 2, 2018

This is the season of both mystery and awe. How do you find these qualities during this dark and quiet season? Do you wonder at the changing of the seasons? The Holiday lights? The snow capped Sierras? Fo each of us, there are elements that will draw out the sacred and special feeling of this […]

“It is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten”.Ghanaese Wisdom

Published on November 24, 2018

Often, we talk about being in the now. Looking to the present moment for guidance for the future. I think a balanced view of grounding ourselves in the present is the idea of evaluating our past in order to move forward. Personally, I have learned so much about myself from looking at past occurrences and […]

Giving thanks, making memories and honoring memory

Published on November 17, 2018

We begin the season of togetherness, memories and gratitude. All of these things mean something different to each of us. We have our own stories of the holidays, our own memories. Perhaps we take for granted that we are making memories in the now, as we may feel wistful for past times “These are the […]

Memory is a special gift

Published on November 10, 2018

This Claude Monet painting, triggered a memory for me. The memory is of a place in Idaho called Billingsley Creek. We spent a nite here a couple of years ago. The creek was raging, compared to our non-existent California creeks. The sounds, smells and peace of this place has stayed with me. The Monet painting […]

November is here!

Published on November 3, 2018

As we enter into November, we also move into the holiday season. It is a time for making memory and remembering memories made. It is a difficult time of the year for some of us. It is a joyful and stressful time for others. However this season comes into our living, let’s take some time […]

Halloween Practice!

Published on October 27, 2018

Some spirits really take their yoga practice seriously! This photo is an interesting view of what our skeletons look like doing Warrior 2! I am sure all of us look at least this solid in our pose! We move from October to November during this week. Here is what is happening in yoga: Monday nite […]

Finding the Sacred Space in Southern Utah

Published on October 21, 2018

I don’t know why I was surprised. I’ve been to Southern Utah before. Perhaps, it was spending extended time camping in the red rocks. Being held by the canyon in its beauty and quiet, gave me an appreciation for the antiquity and sacredness of this place. I knew that I felt this sacred connection in […]

Class update for week of Oct.15-19

Published on October 12, 2018

This upcoming week we have some exciting things going on in yoga. On Monday Oct.15, please join yoga teacher Mary Ann Jones. She will be teaching our regular 6:30-8pm practice. On Thursday, Oct 18 the Chair Yoga class will be treated to a balance focused class taught by Jenny Gaede. It is from 3-4pm. Jenny […]

Connect to your sacred

Published on October 7, 2018

This month we are exploring our own sacred. Where do we find it? For some, the yoga mat is a sacred space. They do not like others walking on their mat as it represents a personal space that should not be violated or shared. For others, the mat is a symbol for a space that […]

October: The practice of finding sacred space

Published on September 30, 2018

Where is(are) your sacred place(s)? I have one inside, my meditation altar, and many more outside, like my garden. The sacred can be large scale or small scale. I remember years ago being fortunate to raft down the Colorado River thru the Grand Canyon. We took two trips, one from Lee’s Ferry to Phantom Ranch […]