Can’t stop the rain, or the change

Of course, we in the Central Valley of California don’t want to stop the rain we are finally having. It is just what we need, but it does create great change and problems of its own. Our current health situation is not something we need, but it is something we cannot change. With both, we can use them to practice acceptance of what is. Easy to say, hard to do. But isn’t that what a practice is? Easy to say, hard to do. Definitely worth the effort.

Another change on our doorstep is this blog. This will be my last post on this platform. Since 2007(13 years!) my brilliant tech savvy son has sponsored the costs of this site for me as well has maintained it. In the meantime, things have changed. FB has become the “no cost” platform most used.I have long refused to be part of the FB community as I feel their dark side is not something I want to support.When the church started including our yoga classes on their FB page, I felt that we were being included in the church’s life, which I loved so I didn’t balk. I have no control over their postings, so the accuracy on that site is inconsistent.Beware.Contact me for the most accurate info( or questions.

At this time, I am unsure when our yoga classes will resume. I will send out emails to everyone when I have definite information.I am holding all of you close during this unsettling time.My son feels he’ll be able to find us another platform on which to post, so I am hopeful.Stay well. Stay safe.Stay at peace.

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