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I ascribe to the notion that we are whole as we are. I also ascribe to improving how I am in the world. New Year’s resolutions have given way for me to the idea of inquiry. That means, to take a topic, a way of being, or aspect of your personality to refine, explore and yes, maybe improve.This year I have chosen the topic of compassion. It is a much broader topic than it appears.
I have been recently dismayed by the tones of our social conversations. And I have been frustrated by being told that we need to have more civilized dialogue, more understanding, more compassion for those who think and behave in ways that I find counter productive. The problem is, since the majority of people are relating in this counter productive way, examples of”right speech” are few and far between. To me it appears that the vast majority of us need to learn how to communicate this way. I was happy to see that the Non-Violent Communication workshop was schedule to be offered again this year. For me it felt like my help with direction was answered. I am pasting the email I received from Bodhi Oak Zendo who is sponsoring this workshop again this year. I hope you will consider attending.

Bodhi Oak Zen Sangha is delighted to offer the foothill community, for the second year, a three-day workshop entitled “Mindful Communication For Authentic and Empowered Connection” based on the practice of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) developed by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D.

NVC is widely used and known internationally as a model of speaking and listening from the heart, a conflict resolution tool, a guide for personal development, and for many – a spiritual practice. It is taught in over 45 countries by over 500 certified trainers and hundreds of practitioners. This 3-day training delves into the principles and practical skill-sets of NVC that make this language so powerful within ourselves and in connecting with others.

The purpose of Nonviolent Communication is to speak and listen in a manner that creates authentic connection between people, and reduces defensiveness, blame, and subtle demands. The practice of NVC involves listening past the other person’s criticism or judgments to hear the needs they are trying to meet. NVC guides us to our habits of mind and speech that create distance, misunderstanding, and stress; and supports us to express our needs in ways we are more likely to be heard and understood by others.

Two internationally certified NVC trainers from NVC Santa Cruz (nvcsantacruz.org) will present an experiential workshop for participants to learn this powerful system by increasing awareness and integrating new skills to augment our natural wisdom and compassion.

Jean Morrison, MA, has been providing trainings, consultation, and mediation for groups and organizations in the areas of health, education, business, and restorative justice since 1985, and with individuals, couples, and families who want more satisfying relationships and harmonious interactions.

Kristin Masters is a facilitator, mediator and coach with NVC Santa Cruz. Kristin focuses on social change/justice, inner work and the intersection of NVC with Interpersonal /neurobiology. She values teaching NVC applications to personal and systemic challenges with engagement and creativity.

This workshop is for both people who have never studied NVC and for people who what to continue to practice.
LOCATION: Oakhurst Branch Library, 49044 Civic Circle, Oakhurst, CA 93644 DATE/TIME, Friday, April 24 – Sunday, April 26. 9 AM – 5 PM daily.
TUITION: $250 including vegetarian lunch all three days.
Partial attendance $90/day ($50 deposit secures your place)

REGISTER: online at https://www.bodhioakzen.org/events/mindful-communication-workshop-non-violent-communication/

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