Cultivating self-compassion while healing

Now moving into my 9th week of recovery. Looking back to prior to week 6, I focused on doing my exercises (and yoga practice) three times a day. Part of this intensity was getting to be out of the sling for awhile (ahhhhh), alleviating the stiffness the immobility in the sling generated and just enjoying a bit of rebellion. When I moved into Phase II of recovery (strengthening and active range of motion) I just continued to plow ahead with 3 times a day exercises. It wasn’t long before my muscles wouldn’t co-operate by the end of the second daily set. At first I was perplexed as to why I just couldn’t do the series. Then I stopped and listened to my body. Muscle needs time to regenerate after a work out. I wasn’t giving my body the attention, understanding and time it needed. I had my eye on the prize of getting back to my activities as soon as possible, not my eye on what my body needed to accomplish this. Light bulbs went off and a Phase II routine began. Each week, I can see improvement and changes. I am heading forward.

As I am not one for New Year’s Resolutions, I am focusing on the inquiry of what is compassion. On the surface it seems pretty straight forward (” the feeling of identifying with the suffering of another”),but I quickly found that it is complicated. I will share on this blog tools that I am uncovering in this inquiry that you may find interesting.

This link takes you to a 58 minute talk by Roshi Joan Halifax. I found this talk worth the watch (several times!)

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