Travel reflections

Travel challenges and delights us. Exposure to new ideas, historical facts, foods and people offers personal growth.

In Lyon, France, this statue sits by a bridge on the Saone River. It fascinated me as it had no markings, no indication of the artist or a title. I was intrigued.

Lyon is an incredible city that was important in Roman times and carries an remarkable impact from the Resistance in WW2. After some research, I found the title to be, “The Weight of Oneself”. The statute is a reminder that we are responsible for our own growth, baggage and healing. I felt like seeing this statue at the end of my trip, gave me a message that I needed right at this time.
Funny how that happens.

Miss all of you. Keep on practicing. We are on the calendar to resume May 4, 2020. Blessings to all.

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