September is here!

It is well known that developing a new habit, whether it be a self enhancing or a not so self enhancing one, takes time. It is usually said to require about 12 weeks to get in the swing of this new addition. During the time we are focusing on this new development, we will have “oops” along the way. That’s part of the process. The whole idea is to continue slowly moving forward in the intended direction.

As we enter September, those of you who are on the email list know that there are changes coming. Our classes will be on a hiatus after the second week in September. It is unclear right now how long this break will be, but I will keep you all posted. I likely will not be posting during this time. You can always check the UU Church of Fresno website and Facebook page to see when classes return. The Director of Education at the Church is looking for a certified yoga teacher to teach in my absence, so maybe classes will continue on a new schedule(!). Meanwhile, this is the time to develop a home practice. You can do this with the help of Youtube, DVD’s for the yoga postures or just a timer on your phone for seated meditation.

This week in yoga:

Monday Nite, September 2, Labor Day, 6:30-8pm.Yin!

Thursday September 5, Chair Yoga 3-4 pm

Thursday Evening September 5, 5-6;15pm Yin again!

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