Is our identity fixed or fluid? I think each of us has our own answer to this question. In someways, it is the question of our time. We are challenged to stay open not only our own identity, but the identity of those around us.Growing personally through out our life is one of the keys to healthy aging.Trying on new ideas, ways of being, and acceptance of others doing the same, opens up an exciting world.

This week in yoga:

Monday Nite, 8/19/19 Hatha yoga, 6:30-8pm. Our practice will reflect the heat of the day.

Thursday 8/22/19 Chair Yoga, 3-4pm. Last week, we worked on balance doing a lot of our poses with the chair, not necessarily in the chair. Can we do more standing?

Thursday evening 8/22/19 Hatha yoga, 5-6:15pm A balanced practiced based again on our environment.

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