It’s hot, but we keep on moving!

I like this quote both for its content and the picture. Watermelon is the quintessential summer food. Just looking at it makes me feel cool! The message here is stay cool and re-arrange the pieces of your life as they scramble. Make the pieces come together in a way that makes sense for you. I feel like a yoga practice is a good example of of “re-arranging” when life changes. Right now, we have warm days to adapt to, but many of us also have physical and emotional changes that are rippling thru our lives.As we acknowledge these changes, let’s let our practice provide a safe space to work thru these changes as we arrange our pieces.

This week in yoga:

Monday Nite 8/5, 6:30-8pm. It’s Yin! (need I say more?)

Thursday Chair yoga, 8/8. We’ve had a week off. Did you practice?

Thursday Evening 8/8. Yin and maybe a longer savasana?

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