Yearning and mindfulness

This week’s image ties together two concepts that we have been talking about in class: yearning and mindfulness. I also have to throw in the idea of contentment (equanimity) which we focus on a lot as well. The quote above, brings in the mindfulness component that may be overlooked. As we finish off this month of July, yearning will likely take a back seat to the constant challenges of mindfulness and equanimity. Yearning will always been within us. Equanimity and mindfulness will likely be what we yearn for.

This week, I will get an extra challenge to my practice of equanimity as I search for my next steps with a health problem.I am yearning for answers, while I know some of those answers will challenge my equanimity. This week in yoga:

Monday Nite, July 29 from 6:30-8PM. I have tried to be aware of our heat wave. Let’s see what the environment is like and match our practice with our heat.

This is the only class for this week. We’ll be back on track August 5!

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