June: Savoring the summer

What do you savor in life? Whatever it is for you, savoring makes life worth living! This week and next week as well, we’ll savor Yin yoga for our Hatha class. Chair yoga yogi’s always savor time together and catching up!

Thursday, June 6, 3-4pm. Chair Yoga. Have you been practicing? Let’s have some gentle stretches to get us back into shape!

Thursday, June 6, 5-6:15pm Yin yoga this week! Long held stretches.

Next week is our annual Chalice Camp at the Church.Because of this, June 10-14 there will again be some schedule changes. Monday Nite Class will be as usual, but expect to practice on the sanctuary floor rather than the dais.No Chair yoga or Hatha yoga on Thursday the 13th.During this special week, the children take over the sanctuary and we step aside!

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