Curiosity: Never Stop

As I searched the web for pictures of curiosity that spoke to me, I noted that most photos were of kids. That of course makes sense as little ones are the ultimate of curious as everything under the sun is new to them. The practice of Buddhism encourages a quality called, “beginner’s mind“. It encompasses the qualities of curiosity, openness, and wonder. To maintain the quality of beginner’s mind is to maintain curiosity in the face of all experiences, new and old. I think Yoga for Healthy Aging should add one more quality to healthy aging: Balance, strenght, flexibility, agility, equanimity and curiosity. Then, our body and mind will be truly cared for.

We have an abbreviated schedule for yoga this week!

Monday Nite, May 27, 6:30-8pm. Yes, it is Memorial Day, but a practice is still available. Join us if you aren’t spending time with family and friends.

No class Thursday 5/30 or Monday June 3. See you back Thursday 6/6.

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