Reparare: To make ready

My aunt, the last of a familiar generation, is actively dying this week. She is well cared for in a hospice facility and is “comfortable”. I know that code word. I am glad for her. We had many telephone conversations over the years since her husband passed, where she continuously questioned why she was the only one left. She was lonely, but patient. She said she she was just waiting to be taken from this life. She sounded wistful and indeed, ready. To my knowledge, she had “reparared’: made ready for her transition. When the hospice nurse held the phone to her ear for me, I told her that I knew she was ready. While my tears come, I rejoice in this beautiful,wise woman’s life and in her peaceful death.

This week in yoga:

Monday nite, 4/29 from 6:30-8pm. We’ll do a practice from Yoga for Healthy Aging focusing on Balance, agility, strength and flexibility.

Thursday 5/2 Chair yoga from 3-4pm.Come join us for a practice focused on on joints.

Thursday Evening 5/2 5-6:00pm A shorter practice tonite to accommodate a meeting in the church.

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