Wholeness does not = Perfection

Living a life is a messy, beautiful thing. We start on a learning curve that is steep. So much to integrate from physical coordination, to language acquisition, to the skills of daily life. This goes on our entire lifetime, but becomes more subtle as we grow and age. Do we ever get to a point that we are no longer on the learning curve of life? I don’t think so. We may be momentarily comfortable in our life, then bam!, things change again. Wholeness means we work at graciously accepting the messy, unwanted things of life. This messiness can be seen as our teacher. Looking at the messiness this way helps us to realize what we still need to learn. The yogic path provides tools to help us sort out and deal with the messiness.

This week in yoga:

Monday Nite 4/8 from 6:30-8pm Come stretch, breathe and learn a bit more about the Kundalini practice.

Thursday 4/11 from 3-4pm Chair Yoga. We focus on the principals of Yoga for Healthy Aging: Balance, strength, agility and equanimity.

Thursday Evening 5-6:15pm End your week with a relaxing practice.

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