Is back pain part of your journey?

I often say that we all get something to deal with in our body. If your “something” is back pain, this week’s Hatha practices are for you. Yoga has been a wonderful adjunct to help people heal, prevent and strengthen their back. Yogi’s have understood the important of the spine in health for millennia.They have focused on the energy flow of the spine as an important part of a yoga practice. But the benefits of yoga extend to the bones, muscles, ligaments and discs of our spine as well. Movement of the spine is rarely discouraged by medical doctors in the face of back pain. “Motion is lotion”.

Come and enjoy two different back care practices this us this week!

Monday Nite, Hatha Yoga 3/11, from 6:30-8pm. A practice based on 17 postures used in multiple studies for those with chronic back pain.

Thursday 3/14, Chair Yoga 3-4pm. Come breathe, relax and move!

Thursday, 3/14, Hatha Yoga 5-6:15pm More back care.

Let’s discover ways to make us more comfortable on our journey.

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