The Journey is yours.

I remember my first “real” yoga class. I write “real” because my very first experience with a yoga class was at a gym, taught by a Physical Therapist, who was not a trained yoga teacher(read, physical practice only). I ended up developing probably the worst (certainly the most memorable) cold of my life the day after the class. While there was no connection, I didn’t go back.

Years later, I found a different yoga experience taught by a yoga teacher. After she introduced me to the class as the newbie, she asked me what I hope to gain from my practice.Then recently diagnosed with cervical stenosis (a painful compression of nerves in the neck), consciously I was there to see if this yoga thing could strengthen my muscles and help relieve my pain. What came out of my mouth in response to her question was,”I am looking for a spiritual path”. Where did that come from? The next leg of my journey began.
What’s your story? I would love to hear what brings you or brought you to the practice of yoga.

This week in yoga:

Monday nite March 4, 6:30-8pm. First Monday of the month yin.

Thursday March 7, 3-4pm Chair yoga. Let’s continue to develop strength, balance, agility and equanimity all from a chair!

Thursday March 7 5-6:15pm. Ease into our yin practice. Enjoy the peace.

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