Trusting in our own vision

Whether we deeply consider it or not, we each have a vision of what our life will be like. How your story will go.But it seems that that vision may not roll out as we mentally envision. Have you heard yourself say, “Wow, that’s not how I expected this would be!” Welcome to the club of life! Our trust follows (or not) as we
lean into the universe (God, your Guru, Jesus) as a stabilizing force to get us thru. We have hope that the issue will resolve and trust in our ability to come thru. This is also part of the equanimity that we strive to develop. It is really all connected.

I was recently honored with a copy of the book Yoga Wisdom:Warrior Tales Inspiring You On and Off Your Mat(Stephanie Spence, author), a book in which a yogini tells her story thru the lens of yoga and its teachings. She relates her personal journey while weaving in the wisdom she gathers from other yoga teachers that she meets on her travels. Her book is such a wonderful example of how the wisdom yoga has to give us can weave its way thru our lives.

This week in yoga:

Monday Nite 2/18 6:30-8pm. It is President’s Day, but we will still gather! Join us for gentle hatha yoga class.

Thursday 2/21 Chair Yoga 3-4pm. Jenny Gaede will guide us thru poses that improve our balance.And who doesn’t need that!

Thursday evening 2/21 5-6:15pm. A nice mixture of movement and stretching.

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