Trust? That’s a complicated issue.

This month’s practice theme is, “Trust: The practice of faith in a love that won’t let us go”.When I began pondering the topic of trust, my head started spinning! Maybe it is given freely and easily. Maybe it has to be hard earned. Maybe it is broken easily. Maybe it is continued to be given even when it isn’t warranted. Once broken, it doesn’t seem easy to bring it back. What is having a trust in a love that won’t let us go mean? How do we relate this to our yoga practice? There are now yoga classes taught by specially trained teachers in what is called “trauma informed” or “trauma sensitive”. Many of us have trust issues that linger in our lives from past events. This can make being vulnerable in yoga class, relaxing in savasana or just closing the eyes difficult. Please let me know if you are someone with these issues as there are trained teachers in Fresno/Clovis that I can direct you to.

As the month progresses, we will take some baby steps to begin to unravel this. I have trust in my yoga practice to keep me calm, strong, centered and flexible. I have been a witness to that over the years.Although I have had times when I physically couldn’t practice asanas, I can always practice the other limbs of yoga: the yamas, niyamas, meditation, pranayama. It has been an adaptable practice for this aging human life.

This week in yoga:

Monday Nite 2/4 6:30-8pm. We begin our 10th year of practice together. It’s first Monday Yin!

Thursday Chair 2/7 3-4 pm Continue your focus on strength, balance, flexibility and equanimity with us.

Thursday Evening 2/7 5-6:15pm Of course, Yin!

Hope to see you this week at class!

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