What would the world be like if…..

We have focused on the possibilities of our lives this month. Although we never know what may await us in the future, we can be sure that our own positive attitude and acceptance can help us ease into any possibilities. Let’s continue to celebrate the wonderful gifts life has to offer us, even when those gifts come wrapped in situations that we may not want. Those are definitely the hardest to accept graciously and to see as gifts. While we love the good stuff of our life, the not so good often proves more learning, healing and satisfaction in the end.

In yoga this week:

Monday Nite 1/28 from 6:30-8pm. Join us for a Hatha class focused on Balance, Strength, Agility and Flexibility.

Thursday 1/30 from 3-4 pm Chair yoga.

Thursday 1/30 from 5-6:15pm Hatha yoga

Join our community of folks living, laughing and loving in this world as we breath and move together!

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