Getting out of your own way!

I have noticed that when it comes to barriers and obstacles in my life, I am my own worst enemy. I can talk myself out of trying something new faster than anyone else ever could. If I can stop myself from immediately saying “no”, sit back and relax into a new idea or possibility, I usually will give it a go and be surprised. Yoga was like this for me, as my first yoga experience left me oh so sore along with a horrible cold. It took years before I got this experience behind me and opened up to a new possibility. Glad I did.

This week in yoga:

Monday 1/14, Hatha practice from 6:30-8pm.
Thursday 1/17,Chair yoga practice from 3-4pm.

On Thursday evening there is a concert in the Church. We’ll be back to our full schedule next week.

What possibilities call to you right now? Perhaps, you should listen. Hope to see you this week!

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