The mystery and awe within the Winter Solstice

Albert Camus’ above quote is the thought I frequently reflected on during most of my mid-adult life. That time was marked by struggle, uncertainty, and scarcity for me and my family.I haven’t found a quote that reflects this current time of life as yet, but Albert Camus takes me back and, with gratitude.Each year, we can take the beauty of this time of year to remember our year, our past and our growth.

This week during our Monday nite practice and our chair yoga practice, we will have our now traditional winter solstice remembrance.

Monday Nite, 12/17 from 6:30-8pm A special practice focused on the winter solstice.

Thursday, 12/20 from 3-4pm. As we continue to focus on balance, strength, agility and flexibility, the return of the sun will hold a special place in our practice.

Thursday, 12/20 from 5-6:15pm. Drawing closer to the solstice (12/21) we’ll continue to focus our practice on the quite and reflection.

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