Misery & Ouch!: Back Pain

Almost every American adult I know can share stories of back pain. Some of them are prolonged, some of them brief in nature. There are differing reasons why adults are prone to back pain (ever notice that kids don’t get back pain? If they do, it is a symptom of a serious problem). The one thing I can tell you is that staying active, putting your spine thru a range of movements and working with relaxation techniques can help keep your spine healthy.I’d like to tell you that back pain can be eliminated, but truth is it can be lessened with yoga.

Once each quarter, we spend a week on poses that have been found to be helpful for those with back pain. As we do these practices, you will notice that many of them are the same poses we do regularly. The key here is to tune into your spine and work the areas that been bothersome without aggravating muscles that tend to spasm. There is a school of thought that back pain can be triggered by emotions that we have stored in our muscles that lead to these spasms. As always, there are usually several factors that lead to an acute flare of pain. I find the mind/body connection an area that I want to explore more. If you are interested in this theory, look up Dr. John Sarno ( see the post from September 14,2014 on Dr. Sarno). He has books and practitioners that follow his philosophy

This week in yoga:

Monday, December 10, Hatha yoga 6:30-8pm. We will revisit the practice that has been tried in multiple medical studies on back pain.

Thursday, December 13, Chair yoga 3-4pm Jenny Gaede will lead our practice focused on balance. We’ll talk about a few specific chair poses to use when your back is aching.

Thursday, December 13, Hatha Yoga 5-6:15pm. Our back care practice will come from a series developed by Boston University in their wellness program.

Hoping to see you this week!

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