Giving thanks, making memories and honoring memory

We begin the season of togetherness, memories and gratitude. All of these things mean something different to each of us. We have our own stories of the holidays, our own memories. Perhaps we take for granted that we are making memories in the now, as we may feel wistful for past times “These are the good old days” is not just a song lyric, but a statement that rings true for me. I only have now as yesterday is a past memory and tomorrow, I can’t depend on. I hope you make fond memories and traditions this year.

We just have yoga on Monday nite this week. We meet from 6:30-8pm. I have a practice that I have used for Thanksgiving Day practices in the past. I hope it helps us all move more fully into the now of this season.

I am grateful for all of you as we spend time each week, bringing movement to our bodies and peace to our minds. Happy Thanksgiving!

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