Memory is a special gift

This Claude Monet painting, triggered a memory for me. The memory is of a place in Idaho called Billingsley Creek. We spent a nite here a couple of years ago. The creek was raging, compared to our non-existent California creeks. The sounds, smells and peace of this place has stayed with me. The Monet painting brought that memory and the feelings associated, forefront. I enjoyed slipping back to that visit. Maybe you have experienced a memory triggered by one or more of your senses?

This week in yoga:

Monday nite, 11/12 from 6:30-8pm We’ll have a gentle Ananda inspired practice.

Thursday Chair Yoga, 11/15 3-4pm This week our guest teacher, Jenny Gaede will take us thru a balanced focus class.

Thursday Evening 11/15 5-6:15pm We’ll focus on using our various props to help us develop pleasant memories of the more difficult poses.

All are welcomed!

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