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October: The practice of finding sacred space

Published on September 30, 2018

Where is(are) your sacred place(s)? I have one inside, my meditation altar, and many more outside, like my garden. The sacred can be large scale or small scale. I remember years ago being fortunate to raft down the Colorado River thru the Grand Canyon. We took two trips, one from Lee’s Ferry to Phantom Ranch […]

Vision and action

Published on September 22, 2018

The Dalai Lama imparts so much wisdom to us is such a few words. This quote helps me realize that not only do I need vision, but I need to see how(a plan) that vision can become a reality. Without the action component, the vision goes nowhere. The positivity of both the vision and the […]

When a vision disappoints

Published on September 15, 2018

Ever have a vision, or a view of the future, disappoint you? Often? I think this is a common human consequence of not being able to control everything. I venture a guess that most of us had dealt with large and small disappointments in the way we envisioned our futures. I think it’s fair to […]

Forward, ever forward.

Published on September 9, 2018

I guess, we could stop searching, stop looking ahead, stop thinking about the future. Our mantra may be ,”be present”, don’t worry about the past or future. But is that really the way most of us can live moment to moment? For myself, I am constantly attempting mindfulness in my daily activities, which perhaps, negates […]

No Class 9/3!

Published on September 1, 2018

Welcome to September and all it brings. We start the month with Labor Day on Monday 9/3. There will not be a yoga class on Monday. But… this week starts the return of Chair Yoga on Thursday. I hope to see the seasoned yogi’s and new faces who are exploring. Our theme this month is, […]