October: The practice of finding sacred space

Where is(are) your sacred place(s)? I have one inside, my meditation altar, and many more outside, like my garden. The sacred can be large scale or small scale. I remember years ago being fortunate to raft down the Colorado River thru the Grand Canyon. We took two trips, one from Lee’s Ferry to Phantom Ranch and the second from Phantom Ranch to Lake Mead. Each of these experiences were sacred in different ways. On the first trip when we hiked up to Nankoweap, an ancient home of the Anasazi peoples. Looking out from their dwellings, I saw a view of the Colorado River that I wanted to see each morning for the rest of my life. And I do now by the miracle of photography.Seeing it, helps me to remember the sacred we find in each day of our lives.

This was a sacred place for the Anaszi. It was where they lived. In their lives, everyday and sacred were entwined. This was brought into my consciousness by a comment made while on a neighborhood walk on Saturday. As we entered a Fresno neighborhood, a resident of that neighborhood who was out for a walk stated, ” Our neighborhood is sacred”.She may have actually said “secret”, but with her accent I heard “sacred”. I realized in that moment that the neighborhood we walked thru the previous week was also sacred to its community as it should be to us. It’s all sacred, the beautiful and peaceful and the chaotic and the crowded. It is with our senses and our souls that we connect with the sacred around us.

This week in yoga:

Monday October 1 from 6:30-8pm. Our only practice of the week. Come stretch and reflect.

No classes this Thursday. We are off to Denver for a 1st birthday party!

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