Vision and action

The Dalai Lama imparts so much wisdom to us is such a few words. This quote helps me realize that not only do I need vision, but I need to see how(a plan) that vision can become a reality. Without the action component, the vision goes nowhere. The positivity of both the vision and the action we take to bring forward that vision only makes both vision and action a positive end for both ourselves and those in our sphere. Looking at our own vision, we can ponder what positive attributes we can bring into the world.

This week in yoga:

Monday 9/24 from 6:30-8pm. How about an Ananda practice focused on strength, flexibility, balance and agility>

Thursday Chair Yoga 9/27 from 3-4pm. We’ll keep on strengthening those quads as we work on our overall strength.

Thursday 9/27 from 5-6:15pm We’ll pull in various props that allow us to linger in poses a bit longer.

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