When a vision disappoints

Ever have a vision, or a view of the future, disappoint you? Often? I think this is a common human consequence of not being able to control everything. I venture a guess that most of us had dealt with large and small disappointments in the way we envisioned our futures. I think it’s fair to say that we owe ourselves some time to readjust our attitude to what IS from what we thought it would be. After sometime adjusting our attitude, then what? Then, the hard work begins. We begin to live in a situation that we didn’t plan on. This is the time for creative thinking, optimisum, hope, laughter and honest dialog. We need friends to hear us out about our disappointments and become our cheerleaders as we adapt.We can bring our real selves to our yoga mat as we breath, stretch and feel our way thru to our new reality. Life is hard and it is made easier surrounded by those that care for us.

This week in yoga:

Monday nite 9/17 from 6:30-8pm It’s back care week. We’ll explore a practice that give some ease to aching backs.

Thursday 9/21 from 3-4pm Join us for a balance focused class with guest teacher Jenny Gaede.

Thursday 9/20 from 5-6:15pm. Another practice for that back. You will have access to copies of both practices for home use.

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