Forward, ever forward.

I guess, we could stop searching, stop looking ahead, stop thinking about the future. Our mantra may be ,”be present”, don’t worry about the past or future. But is that really the way most of us can live moment to moment? For myself, I am constantly attempting mindfulness in my daily activities, which perhaps, negates thinking about the future. But I don’t think anyone can completely eliminate planning, dreaming, anticipating, our future. Nor, do we want to! I believe the goal is to learn from the past, be mindful in the present and look to the future. Touching our memory on the past helps us move forward with experience and open eyes. Seeing what may come in the future from our current activities/focuses, lets us have hope and dreams. Being present in the now, allows us to show that we have learned from the past as we walk into what our lives have in store for us. I hope that this month you take time to take stock of your path forward.

This week in yoga:

Monday nite 6:30-8pm Yin!

Thursday 3-4pm Chair yoga.We’ll continue to put together practices we need for strength, flexibility, balance and agility.

Thursday 5-6:15pm Well mix our Yin with some Yang!

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