A time for empathy and compassion

Our hearts stir. Tears well in our eyes. Our sensibilities are outraged. We are ashamed of our leadership’s decisions, actions and words. We can protest, discuss, support with our money, and yet, we may still feel so powerless and ineffective.What can we do in the moment, in the moments, of each day?

I feel like I am being exhausted by the instability of our country and our world. My optimism is being eroded. I feel like I am folding inward with each insult, as if I am emotionally pummpled by a boxer.Yet, this is the time we have prepared for. Our spiritual strength is being tried. This is the time. I go to my breath. I am going to open my shoulders, directing my heart into the great unknown before me. As best I can, I accept the blows, resume my deep breath, keep my heart and chest open and send to all suffering beings the Buddhist metta:

May you be happy
May you be well
May you be safe
May you be peaceful and at ease

Our practice this week:

Monday nite 6:30-8pm July 2. Let’s send our energy to the suffering families of our world. A yin practice

Thursday Evening 5-6:15pm We’ll continue our wonderful week of yin!

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