Our yoga blessing

We have a practice that is both a blessing to us and our bodies/spirit, but also gives us the opportunity to share a blessing with each other. It seems that the word Namaste is known or at least has been heard by most everyone. When I ask new students if they have heard the word, almost all say yes. But when asked if they know what it means, they say no. I think it is a term that is sorely needed in our world today. It brings us together. It acknowledges our sameness. Creates a safe and welcoming community.

This week in yoga is short!

Monday Nite 6:30-8pm. Our only practice this week. This is Chalice Camp Week at the Church. Be ready for some temporary changes in our practice space! No class on Thursday so we don’t conflict with the end of Camp that day. Our practice will reflect the changes in our space that evening.

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