It’s May, let your creativity roll!

Here comes May! Flowers, warmer weather, alot of outdoor living and activities. Our theme this month is Creativity: The practice of imagination. There are as many ways to express our personal creativity as there are individuals to express them. Besides our yoga practice, who can we uncover our creativity thru out this month? I am looking into replacing my creative feelings with a new art form due to a physical change I have experienced. I can’t wait to see what new direction I find myself headed.

This week in yoga:

Monday May 6, 6:30-8pm It’s Yin Monday!

Thursday May 10, 5-6:15 pm It’s Yin Thursday!

Thursday’s class is our last class until Thursday, May 31. You have some time to branch out. Maybe try a class at a local studio during this time. Be creative! Explore!

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