Transforming thought

April has been a month of many types of transformation: weather, our gardens, and hopefully, ourselves. One of the transformations I am interested in for myself is transforming my internal dialogue. I think this “chatter” influences our day to day lives in ways we rarely acknowledge. It is very ingrained in us. It becomes to our “go to” thoughts when we are moving thru our day, wrestling with simple to complex problems, and interfacing with our external world. I often wonder if chanting is an ancient way of changing this. For me, some chants become, “ear worms” that run thru my mind all day. I certainly like those messages better than my own go to dialogue.How do you change your internal talk?

This week in yoga:

Monday Nite April 30, 6:30-8 pm A gentle Hatha practice

Thursday Evening May 3 5-6:15 Here comes may! Lets have a combined Yin and Hatha practice.

Here comes May! See you at class.

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