Transformative power of light

We all have people in our lives that bring the sunshine along with their presence. After spending time with them, you feel uplifted, enthusiastic and yet, calm. That gift that they have can be acquired by anyone of us, if we recognize, then, cultivate it. Once recognized, we can take active steps to bring a little more light into our own lives with words, actions and attitudes that support the light. This light can be like the oxygen mask that drops down for you to use in an emergency on a plane, life saving and life enhancing. We first need to place the mask on ourselves, then we can help others. Find your own light, then share it. Take care of yourself, so you can help others.

This week in Yoga:

Monday nite 4/23/18, 6:30-8pm Let’s honor our connection to the earth, through our Hatha Yoga practice. Grounding poses that uplift the spirit.

Thursday 4/26/18 Chair Yoga 3-4pm. Last session in our workshop. Let’s focus on poses you want to work with for your personal practice this summer.

Thursday evening 4/26/18 5-6:00 pm. Our practice will be 15 minutes shorter this week in order to accommodate a program that follows after us in the sanctuary. Given the abrupt change in the weather, this practice will be slow and gentle.

Looking forward to the Fall, plans are afoot for making the Chair Yoga class a weekly event(rather than the 4 week series it has been). I would love to hear your thoughts if you are interested in this possibility. Send me an email at with your thoughts, days and times you would like to see this presented and any questions you may have.

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