With adversity come wonders

Almost two years ago now, our area experienced a wildfire. Called the Goose Fire, it ravaged a wide swath of Black Mountain, which is in our backyard. Each Mother’s Day, Black Mountain is open to the public to walk and revel in wildflowers native to our area. After a fire, many unexpected wildflowers show their faces, such as the one above, the wind poppy. Never before had I seen this magnificent little survivor who showed herself off amid the charred earth. I then set out on a quest to find a wind poppy for my garden. The photo above is the result. Her beauty transformed Black Mountain and my garden this year.

Sometimes the beauty in adversity can be hard to see when you are close to the event. It may take time and distance to see the transformation it brings. I think it is well worth waiting, looking for and appreciating.

This week in yoga:

Monday Nite 4/16 6:30-8pm A sound meditation will begin our practice tonite.

Thursday 4/19 3-4pm Chair yoga # 3 in this series. I will try again for that lovely savasana I promised last week. We’ll continue to explore our work books.

Thursday 4/19 5-6:15 Let’s work our hips!

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