A month of transformation

Here in the Central Valley, our short Spring has begun. Likely, the rains are subsiding as the foothills are green with budding flowers all around. Our Spring here is wonderful although far too short. Our own transformations are life-long, maybe being a bit more noticeable at this time of year. Perhaps you have been faithful to the changes you committed to in January and are reaping the benefits. Perhaps the warmer weather inspires you to kickstart your journey. Wherever you find yourself this April, know that you have it within you to transform your life at anytime.

This week in yoga:

Monday Nite April 9, 6:30-8pm Using our intention stones, we’ll have an opportunity to focus our practice on our month of transformation.

Thursday April 12, 3-4pm Chair Yoga. We continue to explore our workbook as we put together our own personal practices.

Thursday Evening April 12, 5-6:15pm Let’s explore our three Namaskars and have a longer Yoga Nidra.

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