Swamij Froggy

One of our long time Yogis brought this wonderful Frog to me last week. He certainly represents perfection in Tree Pose! He will grace our garden. I named him Swamij Froggy. You’ll notice in the title this week, I call him Swamij Froggy. When the”j” is added to the title Swami, it becomes a term of endearment (“dearest Swami”).

Our focus this month is, Emergence: The practice of transformation. Seeing transformation in nature around us, can provide personal inspiration. Nature’s transformation from winter to spring occurs in a rather predictable and dependable manner. A human’s transformation is more unpredictable as it is slower. Perhaps as we never completely transform but are constantly transforming?

This week in Yoga:

Monday Nite, April 2, 6:30-8pm. First Monday Yin.

Thursday, Chair Yoga, April 5, 3-4pm. We begin our last four weeks for this season. We will work on putting together chair practices that address our individual needs

Thursday Evening, April 5, 5-6:15pm First Thursday Yin.

Start dressing in lighter clothing now, as our temperatures will be more unpredictable. We may even have an Thursday class outdoors soon!

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