Are you closer to the balance you desire?

We’ve had month to focus on this topic, from the abstract to the concrete. Are you any closer to your goal? I know that I for one, will keep trying.

Thanks to those who hung with the change we had last Thursday. We will be back on track this week!

Monday nite 3/26, 6:30-8pm We’ll start by learning about a few self-acupressure points I learned about this weekend. Then we’ll have an Ananda inspired practice.

Thursday Chair 3/29 Yoga 3-4pm. We’ll take a few minutes to review Energization exercises before our practice. Let me know if you plan to continue with the class in April. We’ll also talk about acupressure points.

Thursday 3/29 5-6:15pm How about we have a few Yin poses at the end of our Hatha practice

Chair Yoga will continue throughout April. I am still accepting participants. See you this week!

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