Balance: The yoga kind

Let’s get down to it. Yoga practice helps our balance. Physical balance becomes more difficult with age, but also with certain medications, chronic diseases, changes in our bodies (like pregnancy) and of course, disuse.When was the last time you walked heal-toe just for fun? Little challenges like heal-toe walking, standing on one leg and such, help keep our brains and ankles communicating. Yes, the ankles. The ankles contain the majority of our body’s balance receptors. You can experience this the next time you do a challenging balance pose. What seems to be working hardest during this pose?

Now, complicate things by adding foot problems: bunions, hammertoes, weak ankles from injury.One of our yogis mentioned to me a condition they were dealing with, hammertoes, which was making standing poses very challenging. This made me realize that many of you may also have these foot challenges. Looking for expert advise, I wrote to Baxter Bell at Yoga for Healthy Aging blog(spot). He is one of my go-to experts for questions. He was kind enough to do a post on this problem. Check it out at, March 9, 2018 post. I will be taking an intensive training from Baxter this July.

This week in yoga:

Monday nite March 13 6:30-8pm. It’s time for the back care class again. We will also talk about Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of yoga.

Thursday March 15 3-4pm. Chair Workshop #2. We’ll go over a meditation technique before we practice.

Thursday March 15 5-6:15 Namaskar practice! There are many namaskars (salutes) but we will do three: Sun, moon and life force. Maybe even have time for a yoga nidra?

Bring a friend and join us! Your ankles and balance will thank you.

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