Aging, disability and perseverance

The last few months, I have been walking along side a friend as she faces the big challenges of aging. Bev, was a yoga student of mine during the early thru mid 2000’s. I had bi-weekly group of elders (before I became one!) who were devoted to their yoga practice. I have watched as many of them have transitioned to “the whatever comes next”. Bev, a single woman, with two daughters out of state, has always had a special place in my heart. Creative (an exquisite quilter), funny (sarcasm beyond belief), an avid reader and builder of community, Bev has long held my admiration.

From Thanksgiving time, Bev’s life has been entwined with the health care system. She’s had three hospital admissions and three nursing home admissions in the last three months. We spent her 80th birthday celebrating in the nursing home. From the moment I heard of her health issues, I began to ponder what the future had in store for Bev and how she would cope with the inevitable changes. For myself, I wondered what could I learn from her journey as I ponder my own.

When we are young, we go thru our developmental phases, not knowing otherwise, and come out on the other side as adults. As adults, we continue our developmental challenges, more cognizant of each step. As we age, our developmental challenges become the tearing down of what we spent a life time acquiring. For those of us without cognitive deficits, these changes rock our world. We can see where these changes are leading: dependance, limited choices, ill health. Making each transition with grace, is one of the developmental task of this time. I know Bev will make her life changes with humor, curiosity and maybe a bit of defiance. Walking along side her has helped me to appreciate perservance and grace and prepare for my own inevitable journey.

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