“I’m bored”. Why to preserver.

I must admit, that I have had times when I have been bored with my yoga practice, both the meditation and asana limbs. It is human, I think, to have these times. They feel different than the times when life is so hectic that carving out time to practice is near impossible. During those times,I have wanted to practice and missed it. Being bored doesn’t feel the same. For me, these times creep up on me out of nowhere. Trying to figure out what has shifted in me to cause this boredom has been elusive. I wait patiently for the feelings to drift away and the desire to come back. Despite these breaks, my underlying desire to keep some part of my practice continues. During those times of “asana drought”, I seem to dive more into the yamas and niyamas. In a way, yoga never leaves me. It just changes and re-emerges with more vigor.

This week in yoga:

Monday Nite February 19 Happy Presidents Day! Part two of the breathing for our walking meditation. Lets focus on a more standing practice and finish up with a short yoga nidra.

Thursday Evening February 22. I will re-introduce us to Energization Exercises as our practice warm up.

There are 3 more spots for our Chair Yoga workshop that begins March 8. The March workshop is 8-29. We’ll directly move into the April Chair Yoga Workshop April 5-26. Essentially, this will be a continuous 8 week workshop. We may have spaces available for the April Workshop. Stay tuned!

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