Our theme this month: Perseverance

It’s a rather interesting coincidence that the month of February we are focusing on perseverance and that February is the 8th anniversary of Monday Nite yoga class. The community of yogis who have ebbed and flowed thru our class these last years gives honor to the idea of perseverance. Thru the many ups and downs of life, yogis keep coming back to their practice. The yogic observance(niyama) of tapas, zeal for practice, is the foundation of returning and returning. There is no doubt that life has a way of taking over our personal time, but that interruption usually passes. And the yogi returns.

Thank you for 8 wonderful years of community.

This week in yoga:

Monday Nite 2/5 6:30-8pm. It’s the first Monday of the month which means Yin!

Thursday 2/8, Chair yoga, Workshop #4. This week we will”put it all together” for a practice of meditation, pranayama, Energization and asanas.

Thursday Evening 2/8. Yin on tap for our Thursday evening yogis!

Chair Yoga Workshop will be on hiatus until March 8. Let me know if you will return!

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