It’s the end of January…how did we do?

Change is hard. By the end of January, alot of folks have abandoned their “New Years’s Resolution(s)”. some, have modified their resolutions to fit the reality of their life. There’s nothing wrong with that! One way you can bring change into your life without feeling like your resolutions were a bust, is to bring intention into your life. “Why do I come to yoga practice? My intention is to……” fill in the blank. Setting our intention, sets our brain to value the activity. Whatever activity you wish to cultivate.

This week in yoga, flows into February!

Monday 1/29 6:30-8pm A gentle practice with a grounding savasana.

Thursday 2/1 Chair yoga Workshop #3 3-4pm. We’ll use a breathing app to cultivate our breath. Energization exercises will be introduced.

Thursday 2/1 5-6:15pm Let’s move a bit more vigorously and finish off our practice with mindful poses.

Hope you can join us!

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