Why we march or don’t march

In January 2017, many of us chose to attend the Woman’s March. For me, it was a time of deep concern, astonishment, fear and sadness. We again, in 2018 have an opportunity to march together. Another year under our belt has let us see clearly the directions our country, it’s people and the world in general. The new year is a time for re-evaluation of ourselves, our world and what we want for ourselves and our world. What do we wish to preserve and what do we wish to let go? Is the march personal or more a gathering of powerful intentions by many others, or both? If we are marching, what are we marching for?

I hope that my marching today is a positive event as I do it with positive intentions. Showing up to say,”I am here. I stand on the side of love” is my intent. To let my granddaughters know, when they are old enough to understand, that their Bubie stood with other women and men to make the world better for them. Whether marching actually changes what is happening around us,I don’t know. I can hope it changes me and holds me to my beliefs and values. In yogic philosophy, we have the yamas, ahimsa (non-harming), satya (truthfulness), and the niyama svadyaya that provide direction on our life path. I also march with them in my heart.

This week in yoga:

Monday January 22 6:30-8pm a class that we will take our asanas(poses) to a personal level. While all doing the same asanas, we will hold each one to the count of our individual breath.

Thursday, January 25. Chair yoga 3-4pm. In our second workshop we will work on meditation techniques, exploring our individuality in the science of training our mind. We will also explore a Chair yoga curriculum.

Thursday evening, January 25 5-6:15pm. Let’s enjoy a combination class of active asanas followed by relaxation poses.

Please join us in our intention to start 2018, positive, healthier and in good company.

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