Let’s be sure self-care is part of our inclusion!

In many past post, balance has been a recurrent topic. Finding balance in our physical bodies as well in our lives in general, turns out to be a continuous challenge. Including self-care in our daily life requires planning, balance, and the attitude of importance. It is true that we cannot fully love and care for others, if we don’t fully love and care for ourselves. I see a yoga practice as an expression of self care that has a lot of other positive benefits. It’s the good time we give to ourselves. As with any changes we make in our routine, developing a daily practice, requires intention. Remember, doing a physical yoga practice is only one of the ways to practice yoga. You can get some ideas of ways to do this from a post from 2011/03/23 called The Limbs of yoga.Click on the link within the post to understand the 8 Limbs of a yoga practice..

Once a quarter, we visit yoga for back care. That will be our theme for this week.

Monday nite 6:30-8pm

Thursday evening 5-6:15pm

Remember we have some changes coming up in our classes. Starting 9/25, class will be lead by Tennille. Thursday nite will be on hiatus after the 9/21 class until 11/30. Be sure you pick up a paper copy of the schedule at practice.

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