September invitation: Inclusion

It seems that this month’s topic is very timely. Our world is going thru a time where our diversity has increased our divisiveness. Our country is polarized for many reasons. Hurricane Harvey actually acted as a catalyst to promote unity of cause: helping Texas. Even in yoga, the topic of inclusion is at the forefront and has been for a couple of years. People of color, people with weight challenges, people who don’t have the “right clothes or equipment” to do yoga, people of a “certain age”, seem to melt into the background of the practice of yoga. Perhaps yoga is a microcosm reflecting the larger world? The wisdom of the Little Prince rings in my head,

“Men have forgotten this truth”, said the fox.” But you must not forget
You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.You are responsible
for your rose…”.
“I am responsible for my rose,” the little prince repeated, so that he would
be sure to remember. “

In our yoga community, we have tamed each other by practicing together. Let’s remain an open community, who invites all that seek to meditate, breath and move to join us.

This week in Yoga: It’s Yin Week!

Monday Nite 6:30-8pm Come experience the delight of Yin: slow, easy and inward. The pace matches our current hot weather. Yes, it is a holiday, but some of you will still want to practice!

Thursday Evening 5-6:15pm Yin again!Some of us just can’t get enough!

A reminder that a temporary change is a’comin’. Note that beginning 9/25 we slim down to Monday Nite Yoga only for several weeks. Practice will be lead by Tennille or our UU minister Tim Kutzmark(a Kundalini Yoga teacher). This will be an exciting time of learning and expanding your practice.Don’t miss it!

Paper copies of practice schedule available at practices!

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