Moving into Yes

How we move in our bodies, transmits our attitude. How we walk, our posture, our physical openness, speaks to the world about us. Many times, we do the same things with our bodies each day: drive, sit, exercise. Our bodies develop a way or pattern of movement. Yoga helps us develop new ways to move our bodies which can change our mood, our subtle communication to the world. When we spend time to focus on our posture, opening our usually closed over chest, finding our balance, we change the message our body is broadcasting.

In yoga this week:

Monday nite 6:30-8pm We’ll learn a little about the fascia that covers our body, contributing to our movement. We’ll begin with a walking meditation.

Thursday nite 5-6:15pm Let’s continue the exploration of our fascia with a yin and yang practice.

On August 26 at noon, I will lead an Ananda Practice at the 2017 Yoga Fest at the Fulton Yoga Collective( This is an all day (10am-11pm)event that focuses on a variety of yoga practice, kirtan (yoga music), the yogic lifestyle (including foods and beverages), exposure to Aryuvedic principles and meet like minded yogis. All day ticket (come and go ticket) is $25. If you want to focus on a few individual offerings, they are $15 each session. Hope to see you there!

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