Willingness: The Practice of Yes

I think it is interesting that one of the constant(and first) words in a toddler’s vocabulary is,”No!”. As we mature, does “No” continue to be our go to word? For me, I may not say “No”, but I am likely to be thinking it. Changing our attitude includes changing our thinking, our internal dialogue.At first, this change may only be an intention or a desire to think differently. Remembering each day to set that positive attitude can be much like the learning curve we all go thru of remembering to bring our own grocery bags into the store when we shop. At first, we remember maybe 50% of the time and are dismayed by the 50% of the time we forget. With practice, we slowly remember, until we hit the 90% of the time. Not perfect, but definitely more toward our goal. More positivity goes on in our head.

Yoga provides us with many opportunities to practice willingness. To say “Yes” when we are unsure. From physical movement, to learning to quiet our minds, to trying a breathing technique that seems tough, yoga provides us tools to make the shift from No to Yes.

Come join us this week for our yoga practices!

Monday Nite from 6:30-8pm. Its Yin week! Be ready to relax and stretch.

Thursday Evening from 5:6:15pm More Yin!

All are welcome. Instruction is provided with help as you may need. Let’s say “Yes” together!

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