Resilience: The Practice of Thriving

At one time or another, all of us “go off the rails”, “loose it” ” temporarily lose our minds”. Our lives are complicated. Even the most calm of us has times when we feel we are completely disconnected from our body, our mind, the world. Yoga and mediation helps us to bring ourself back to balance, to help us remember who we are, the place where we feel most comfortable inside. Our theme this month is resilience, the practice of thriving. Resilience is learned and developed. Most of us have a certain amount of resiliency innately, but even that can at times be overwhelmed. Meditation gives us tools to settle the mind. Yoga provides us a way to develop/strengthen the connection between our body and mind, improving our resiliency.

This week, our yoga practice is easy to describe. ITS YIN WEEK!

Monday July 3, 6:30-8pm YIN!
Thursday July 6, 5-6:15pm YIN!

Join us at the UU Church of Fresno as we allow ourselves the space to develop resiliency in our own ways. All are welcome!

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