Altering practice

There are many reasons we may need to adjust our practice: injury, recovery from illness/injury, aging, practice environment changes. Yoga encourages us to honor our body. For me, this has been challenging. My body has changed over the years, making some asanas unattainable and even dangerous. I have had physical injuries over the years which required thoughtful changes in my practice. And finally, as we move through the seasons of the year, our practice needs to reflect our environment. This summer, we have been hit hard by hot weather quickly and for an extended time. This doesn’t mean we stop practicing, it means we modify our practice. Our sacred space remains there for us no matter what condition we find our body, mind, and spirit.

This week in yoga at the UU Church of Fresno:

Monday nite 6:30-8pm Join us for a gentle Ananda inspired practice.
Thursday Evening 5-6:15 pm Let’s mix a yin and Ananda practice!

Keep in mind, that only you know your body’s limits and capacity. This heat is a wonderful opportunity to use your inward reflection skills to determine just how much should do during hot weather.You are always welcome to come and practice just what you feel you can. Being in community is part of yoga. See you soon!

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